Mehmet Güreli – İstanbul'a Yolculuk

Director:Mehmet Güreli

Music by Mehmet Güreli

“Through the Eyes of World Writers”, while making a historical journey to Istanbul in time, it also describes the social tension very well.

The journey to Istanbul begins with the words “People created all cities, God created Istanbul”. The documentary “Istanbul through the eyes of world writers” tells the multicolored picture that even people living in Istanbul for years cannot see. Through the eyes of world writers who came to Istanbul in the 18th century and wrote Istanbul, the complex, chaotic, deep and beautiful states of the city are described with the most beautiful images, descriptions and photographs. The feature-length documentary, directed by Mehmet Güreli and the director of photography by Tolga Karaçelik, becomes even more magical with the magnificent images of Istanbul. “Journey to Istanbul” makes us ask the question of what world writers have written about Istanbul, as well as what has changed since then, how have we come to this situation. The author of the documentary, Lady Montegu, drew attention to the cosmopolitanism of Istanbul, which surprised even westerners in the early 18th century, and said, “Turkish, Greek, Armenian, Arabic, Persian, Russian, German, Dutch, French, English, Italian and Hungarian are spoken in Beyoğlu. Eventually I will not be able to learn any language, ”he wrote.

“Journey to Istanbul” actually describes a journey in time. This journey through time shows how scary the point reached from that time to this time is. While Istanbul caused the West to be surprised with its cosmopolitanism in the 18th century, this cosmopolitanism poses a threat in the 21st century. Istanbulites of the 21st century express their anger against minorities living in Istanbul under all circumstances. However, that cosmopolitan character that makes Istanbul Istanbul; Would the city be the “queen of the cities” in the eyes of world writers if it were not for what different cultures left to Istanbul? How realistic is it to live in Istanbul with a single “identity”, to read through a single “identity”, to try to understand with a single “identity”?

What makes Istanbul Istanbul; The living quarters of the minorities that provide cultural richness and what they left to Istanbul are being gradually destroyed. In other words, the cosmopolitan spirit of Istanbul, which the westerners admired with envy in the 18th century, is being destroyed. Istanbul lives and keeps alive with living spaces that keep this spirit alive. Understanding Istanbul; is to live the city with its chaos, chaos, magic and beauty. Each of the living spaces of minorities destroyed is a lifeblood of Istanbul. Inability to live in one of Turkey's most important social issues, such as their non-exclusion and marginalization of everyday life unfortunately Istanbul is observed.