Vinicio Capossela – Indebito

Italy, 2013 – '87

Director: Andrea Segre.
Luca Bigazzi: Director of photography
Matteo Calore: camera operator
Remo Ugolinelli and Adriano Di Lorenzo: sound engineers
Sotiris Bekas and Sofia Labropoulou: archival researchers

With Vinicio Capossela, Theodora Athanasiou, Anneta Stefanopoulou, Vasilis Korakakis, Stefanos Magoulas, Giorgis Christofilakis, Manolis Pappos, Keti Dali, Pantelis Hatzikiriakos, Dimitris Kodogiannis, Dimitris Mistakidis, Nikos Strouthopoulos, Timoleon Tzanis, Evgenios Voulgaris, Panagiotis Xanthopoulos.

Greece 2013. In the taverns of Athens and Thessaloniki the ancient tradition of rebetes is perpetuated, the musicians who propose the rebetiko, a form of Hellenic blues that has its roots in a past of crisis that is different (and at the same time similar) to that which affects the population today. It is a music that opposes, with the verses of its songs, to power and is, now as then, the bearer of a current of rebellion against passive conformity. Vinicio Capossela goes in search of these musicians and blends his music with theirs.

“Indebito” was shot in Greece in 2012 and was presented at the Locarno Film Festival 2013 as the opening event. Released by NexoDigital in more than 80 Italian theaters on December 3rd 2013, it remained for two weeks in theaters in Athens and now continues to be screened in various theaters and various festivals throughout Italy and beyond. It is a LaCupa and JoleFilm production, in collaboration with RaiCinema.