Kostas Dimouleas – Transformations, small music for moving image

Label: Ομάδας Νεανικής Πολυέκφρασης Αρκαδίας «Ελευσις»
Original Release Date: April, 2009

Kostas Dimouleas characterises the music composed for the cinema and the theatre as a sound investment of an audiovisual work “. A cd with his creation so far on this kind of musical discourse, entitled “Transformations – Small music for image”, reveals what this seemingly “mechanistic” definition hides.
Includes music that the composer created for the performances: “A game of chess” (2008, ΚΘΒΕ), “Orpheus” (2008, Small Theater), “The woman of Zakynthos” (2002, Mimisi Praxeos) and the films: “In the garden” (2007, Chronis Theocharis), “Assets” (2007, Athanasia Drakopoulou), “The Erechtheion and Time” (2001, Athanasia Drakopoulou), “Barefoot Weekend” (2004, Gerasimos Vakros), “Agia Faini” (2006 , Gerasimos Vakros).